During Paris Saint-Germain's "France Derby" match against Marseille, Enrique decided to replace Mbappe and remove him from the field, in the 64th minute, despite the sensitivity of the match.

Saint-Germain was 1-0 ahead of its rival, Marseille, but was playing with 10 players, against Marseille, which is in seventh place.

After Mbappé discovered the moment of change, he expressed great dissatisfaction, which was recorded by the broadcast cameras.

Enrique's comment

The team's coach was asked to replace the team's star and one of the best players in the world, Kylian Mbappe, from the match, and his response was "harsh" to the journalist.

"People don't agree with my decision? I don't care," Enrique said.

He added: "It's the same story every week, every week. It's getting boring."

He repeated firmly: “I am the coach and I make decisions every week. I do what is best for Paris Saint-Germain, and I will do that until my last day in Paris.”