Liverpool took the lead with 67 points, followed by Arsenal with 65 points, and Manchester City with 64 points, with 9 matches remaining for each of them until the end of the English Premier League.

As the competition between three big clubs approaches, questions are increasing among fans and experts about who has the greatest chance of snatching the title.

This may affect the remaining match schedule, which represents a difficult path according to the opponents.

The easiest path

Although it is currently in third place, Manchester City has the easiest schedule among the three.

  • Manchester City's toughest matches: Aston Villa and Tottenham.

  • Liverpool's most difficult matches: Manchester United, West Ham, Tottenham, and Aston Villa. It is noteworthy that 3 of them are outside the Reds Stadium.

  • Arsenal's toughest matches: Aston Villa, Tottenham, and Manchester United.

On paper, Manchester City has the easiest schedule, and the biggest challenge remains its match against Tottenham in London on April 20.

As for Liverpool, they will have to overcome Manchester United at Old Trafford, and the stubborn West Ham and Aston Villa, in their stadiums, as well as defeat Tottenham at Anfield.

Arsenal is similar to Liverpool in the difficulty of the task, as it will face Tottenham in a fiery derby away from home, then face Manchester United at Old Trafford, and it must also defeat Aston Villa at the Emirates Stadium.