A few days ago, the Portuguese national team arrived in the capital, Ljubljana, to face its Slovenian counterpart, in an international match that ended with the “Don” comrades losing by two clean goals.

The Slovenian "24ur" website stated that Ljubljana suffered, last week, from "real obsession with Ronaldo," adding, "A large number of fans sought to approach the Portuguese player and obtain his autograph, or take pictures with him, but the star left early, shortly after the end of the match." "This disappointed many people."

He continued: “Therefore, the hotel, where Ronaldo and his colleagues were staying, decided to provide a very special gift to his fans, which will be a charitable gift.”

The source quoted the hotel as saying: “Since this was a special and unique event, we decided to prepare a unique surprise that the fans could participate in.”

He explained: “In cooperation with the POP TV media company, we will hold a special event, during which we will offer the bed, which Ronaldo slept on in our hotel, for sale in a charity auction.”

The source said that the auction will be held at the end of this month, and the initial price of the bed will be 5,000 euros. The selling price is expected to exceed tens of thousands of euros.

He pointed out that the proceeds from this auction will be donated to charitable causes.