Russian tennis player 

Andriy Rublev

, who is ranked fifth in the world, was disqualified from the ATP 500 tournament in Dubai (UAE).

The scandalous incident happened during the semi-final match between the 26-year-old Russian, who was admitted to the competition only in a neutral status due to Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, against Kazakhstan's Oleksandr Bublyk.

At the end of the third set, Rublev lashed out at the line judge, who did not record an out after one of the opponent's hits.

In Russian, he began to insult the referee, in particular calling him a "moron".

Another linesman, who was nearby, immediately reported the Russian's behavior to the head referee and match supervisor.

As a result, the organizers decided to stop the match and disqualify the tennis player from the terrorist state.

At that time, the representative of Kazakhstan won with a score of 6:7, 7:6, 6:5.

Due to his disqualification, Rublev not only lost the opportunity to compete for a place in the finals, but was also deprived of all the points and prize money earned during the tournament.

Because of this, he will drop in the ATP ranking to the sixth position.

Rublev was defaulted from his match against Bublik

He yelled in the line judges face bc of a call he didn't agree with.

Andrey says he didn't say any profanities to the line judge in Russian

Bublik says: "I'm okay to continue."

Crazy ending... wow.

— The Tennis Letter (@TheTennisLetter) March 1, 2024

Let's add that this is not the first time that Rublev has demonstrated his inability to control his emotions on the court.

In November last year, he 


 himself at the ATP Finals in Turin when he loudly responded with the phrase "Go to your ass" to a fan who tried to cheer him on.

And in May 2023, during a match with German Yannick Hanfmann at a tournament in Rome, Rublev 

cursed obscenely and tried to lie

 to the judge in the hope of avoiding punishment for his prank.

We will remind, at the Australian Open-2023, Rublev 

complained about the fans with the flag of Ukraine


The athlete from the aggressor country accused them of allegedly saying insulting words to him.

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