New Delhi:

On Tuesday, the atmosphere suddenly became hot in Noida Stadium.

And a large number of people gathered in the stadium gathered to see Dhoni and Shikhar Dhawan.

The noise of Dhoni came, Dhawan came... echoed in the atmosphere.

And within no time this news spread in the stadium premises.

But when people came closer to these two, they were quite disappointed because it was actually not Dhoni and Dhawan, but their lookalikes, who had reached the Noida Stadium.

Both of them are also seen on the stage with Sachin's lookalike in the Veteran Premier League being played these days. 

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Wicketkeeper like Dhoni in Noida!

Dhoni-Shikhar's success here

— NDTV India (@ndtvindia) February 27, 2024

However, they may not be the real Dhoni and Dhiwan, but after reaching the stadium, both of them definitely gave the fans a chance to smile.

And there were a large number of fans who were so happy to meet these two that it seemed as if they had met the real Dhoni and Dhawan.

And meeting these two fans was like a consolation prize.

Dhoni's lookalike Rishabh said that he is a resident of Indore and everyone knows him as Mahi Bhai.

Rishabh has also played many times at the district level.

However, the good thing is that where the real Dhoni and Dhawan cannot reach, they at least go there and bring a smile on the faces of the fans.

And the smile of the people is enough to show that even though Dhoni and Dhawan have gone away from Team India, their popularity, especially Dhoni's, is still intact.