World Test Championship: Team Rohit will face a tough challenge for the final of the World Test Championship.

New Delhi:

The England team has lagged behind India by 1-3 in the series.

And it is possible that he may have to face defeat in the last test match in Dharamsala also.

After four Test matches, the story is that in the journey of the World Test Championship (WTC 2023-25), the England team has currently reached the second position from the bottom in the points table (WTC Points Table).

After that, Sri Lanka is at ninth and last position.

So far, England has played a maximum of nine Test matches.

And with 3 wins and 5 losses, his win percentage is only 19.44.

There are about 18 months left for the WTC cycle to be completed, but it seems that the picture of the final teams is almost clear.

This can be said about at least one team.

While India seems to be facing a tough challenge for the final, the situation for England has become very impractical.

The English can still qualify for the final in 18 months' time, but it has become like climbing Everest and very much a miracle.

Due to slow-over in the last Ashes series, his 19 points were deducted and currently he has only 21 points.

India's winning percentage is currently 64.58 and according to estimates, the team with sixty percent reaches the finals.

England still has to play the last test match in Dharamshala.

After this, England will play a three-Test series against the West Indies at home.

After this he will host a three-match series against Sri Lanka.

Its 2024-25 season will end with playing three Test matches each against Pakistan and New Zealand.

This means that England has to play 13 tests, but the English team is facing many difficulties.

England, what will happen to you now?

 If the English team achieves the maximum points, it will have a total of 177 points out of 264 available for the "complete WTC cycle".

And this will increase his winning percentage to 67.04.

But it is also a reality that the English team cannot win all 13 tests.

At the same time, despite a 3-0 series win in Pakistan in the year 2022, this place is difficult for him.

Even if England dominate against the Windies and Sri Lanka, rain-affected draws are a common occurrence at home

The situation before England is challenging.

If they lose only 2 matches in their remaining 13 Test matches, their win percentage will be reduced to 57.95.

And looking at the current table situation, there are at least two teams which, even in this situation, will be better than England in terms of win percentage.  

India is facing tough competition

India's winning percentage is currently 65.58.

Team Rohit still has 11 more tests to play and 6 of them are at home.

In the last ten years, India has lost only six out of 56 Test matches played at home.

Next year, the series against Bangladesh and New Zealand means increasing the winning percentage further.

The big challenge before India will be the five-Test series in Australia.

But even if India loses three Tests in its remaining matches, Team Rohit will finish in the table with 69.29.

But India will face challenge from Australia (number three, 55 percent) for the final.

New Zealand's final is confirmed!

At the same time, New Zealand, which is on top, still has to play ten more test matches.

Of these, he has to play five at his home.

New Zealand has lost only 7 tests out of 51 matches played at home in 2012.

Even if the Kiwis are able to win only six of the remaining Tests and draw one, their win percentage will still remain the same (75).