Sarfaraz Khan: Sarfaraz Khan and Rohit Sharma


There is no doubt that young batsman Sarfaraz Khan is a very courageous batsman.

At a very young age, he surprised everyone by playing a scoop shot over the wicketkeeper, but his courage sometimes turns into audacity.

And the same was seen on the third day of the ongoing fourth Test in Ranchi, but before Sarfaraz could go any further, Rohit Sharma corrected him by reprimanding and scolding him. 

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Sarfaraz fielded brilliantly and took two catches on Sunday, the third day of the match.

But this made Sarfaraz so excited that he took off his helmet at one point during closing fielding, but captain Rohit did not like his style.

Obviously there is a lot of risk in fielding without a helmet.

Cricket history has seen many unfortunate incidents.

The example of former cricketer Raman Lamba is in front. 

This incident happened in the second innings of England when Kuldeep Yadav was bowling.

Sarfaraz, who was fielding while standing close to the batsman, was not wearing a helmet at that time.

After this Rohit told him, 'Hey brother, don't want to become a hero, wear a helmet.'

Sarfaraz immediately obeyed his captain.

He ordered a helmet from the Indian dressing room and then fielded wearing it.