Dhruv Jurel: Dhruv Jurel is now a topic of discussion among fans.

New Delhi:

Dhruv Jurel:

On the question of pressure in the series, Dhruv said that the pressure is always there, but when I went to bat, what was going on in my mind was what was the need of the team.

The more I stay on the pitch, the better it will be for me and the team.

How do you look at your batting and missing a century on the third day, but this wicketkeeper said that to tell the truth, I do not regret at all about missing a century.

This is my first series and there is this dilemma within me that I should lift the trophy because playing Test cricket was my big dream since childhood. 

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On the issue of veteran Sunil Gavaskar's next statement about Dhoni, Dhruv said that it is natural to feel good when a veteran like Sunny Gavaskar is speaking for me.

What was the strategy for the third day, but Jurel said that there was no specific strategy.

The point was that it is important to show confidence.

I had to show the hosts that I can bat.

I tried my best to do this and the good thing is that it worked. 

On the question of what are his plans in T-20, Jurel laughingly said that my debut is in Test, not in T20.

On the matter of change in his natural style of batting, this young wicketkeeper said that no one is naturally aggressive.

In IPL, I bat as per demand.

I can't defend there.

In Ranchi, the team needed me to stay and bat.

Let me play a long innings.

And this cannot be done in an aggressive manner.

I spent as much time on the pitch as I could.

On the question of special preparation before the series, Dhruv said that hard work is a different thing, but I am a big supporter of visualization.

I start preparing two months before any series to see how the bowlers will bowl.

I prepare based on this entire scenario.

What special did you visualize, but he said that I watched the videos of other English bowlers including Anderson.

I studied which areas they bowl and where I can attack them.

At the same time, on the question of salute after completing his half-century, he said that it was for my father.

My father took part in the Kargil war.

This salute was for him.

When I spoke to him on Saturday evening, he indirectly said that son should show the salute once because I have been doing this since childhood.