Irfan Pathan: The echo of this question of Pathan will also go far.

New Delhi:

Not long ago, when former all-rounder Irfan Pathan raised questions about Ishan Kishan, its echo reached BCCI.

There was an uproar, when the instructions were issued, the matter gained such momentum that now reports are coming that both Ishan and Shreyas Iyer may be removed from the BCCI's central contract.

But the latest circumstances seem to make the matter more complicated.

Irfan's new question is automatically connecting with the old question.

In fact, the noise over the old matter had not completely subsided when Pathan raised another new question.

And this question is also very heavy and it is sure to reach BCCI. 

Pathan posted on Once again the attack has been made on the Pandya brothers and Ishan Kishan, who are training these days.

At the same time, Shreyas Iyer is also in the circle.

This reason forced Pathan

The real main reason for Pathan's questioning was especially Krunal Pandya, who plays for Baroda in domestic cricket, but now that quarterfinal matches are being played at different places across the country from Friday and the Baroda team is in great need of Krunal. So Krunal Pandya is not playing in this match, while Hardik Pandya is also away from the match.

Now, when both these players are training at Kiran More Academy in Baroda instead of serving the state team, Irfan has once again raised a very legitimate and big question.

Let us tell you that Krunal played the last Ranji Trophy match for Baroda in 2022, while the List A (50 overs) match was played in November last year.

Obviously, when a particular player's team reaches the quarterfinals of a big competition and the star player does not play, it is natural for former cricketers to be worried.

"Hardik's case is different"

Now let us see how BCCI takes this incident.

And will there be any action against Krunal Pandya also?

Although, he is not a contracted player, BCCI had recently defended Hardik by saying that Hardik's case is different and his body cannot bear the load of red-ball (four days of continuous cricket).

Let us tell you that Hardik played the last Ranji Trophy match in the year 2018.

Overall, the players who are under the most questions are Shreyas Iyer along with Krunal Pandya.

On one hand, Iyer is talking about back pain, but he is not playing for Mumbai in the quarterfinals.

In such a situation, the big and important question arises that it is okay to have back pain for gym training, but it is a pain in the back to play in the quarterfinals!!

There is pain in the waist while lifting dumbbells and doing half squats with heavy weights, but when the state team has reached the knockout round of Ranji Trophy after tireless efforts, then there is pain in the question of playing in it??

What kind of pain is this?

Obviously the pain is somewhere else.

And BCCI will have to find a solution to this pain very carefully because Pathan's question is absolutely logical, big and justified.