Qatar's victory over Jordan in the final with a score of 3-1, after Chinese referee Ma Ning awarded 3 penalty kicks to the hosts.

Amid accusations on social media platforms from Jordanian fans that the government was favoring Qatar, the President of the Jordanian Federation and President of the West Asian Federation, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, made a slip of the tongue, but he quickly retracted it.

Prince Ali congratulated the Jordanian national team players on runner-up in the Asian Cup, and he also congratulated the training team led by technical director Hussein Amouta.

During his speech to the media when receiving the team in Amman, on Monday, Prince Ali said: “We say congratulations to the players and congratulations to the refereeing team,” before he corrected himself and repeated: “To the coaching staff,” then jokingly added: “We messed up and started mixing words.”

But the Qatari newspaper "Al-Watan" launched a violent attack on the Jordanian national team, and wrote in its headlines: "The Jordanians have deservedly taken off the dress of morals and sportsmanship. The excuse of being stupid is wiping the board and your shouting is hilarious."

The newspaper also criticized Prince Ali's statement.

Al-Watan continued its attack on the star of the Jordanian national team and French Montpellier, Musa Al-Taamari, describing him as “a player devoid of sportsmanship and morals, who failed miserably in leading his country’s national team to victory.”

The newspaper quoted former international referee Jamal Al-Sharif as saying that the three penalty kicks for the Qatar national team were correct.