Umran Malik: Umran, who once made headlines for his speed, is now in the news for a different reason.

New Delhi:

Umran Malik is not someone who can easily make millions of fans of India forget him. In the year 2022, Malik made big names in IPL sweat with his speed, from the great Gavaskar to all the legends became admirers of this pacer. Also wore Team India's jersey, but got frustrated with the expectations. Neither the pace nor the swing looked like IPL. Whenever they tried to generate momentum, the batsmen were defeated. As a result, now this pacer is trying to establish his footing again in Ranji Trophy, but now the situation has become so bad that there is discussion among the fans about Malik. 

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The youth showed the mirror

You must understand that on Sunday, Jammu and Kashmir won the match against Puducherry by 19 runs in three days, but the surprising thing was that Malik did not take any wicket in just three overs bowled in the first innings, giving away 15 runs. , then 20 year old pacer Vanshraj Sharma, playing the first Ranji match of his career, showed a mirror to Umar by taking ten wickets in both the innings of the match. Vanshraj struck in the first innings and did the same in the second innings also. Abid Mushtaq, who has played 26 first class matches, did the same in the match. He also took five wickets each, but against a team like Puducherry, Malik could not take even a single wicket. 

Is Malik injured?

A very strange thing happened in the second innings, which seems more like a joke. While in the second innings, the Jammu and Kashmir management started the innings with batting from tailender Umran, but did not make him bowl even a single over in the second innings. Now the question is, is Malik injured? If he can open the innings, why not bowl? Overall the matter is complicated. 

Chaos was created with such speed

Umran surprised everyone by bowling a speed of 157 km/hr against Delhi in the IPL 2022, while in January last year, while playing for India, he bowled the ball at a speed of 157 km/hr against Sri Lanka. But now neither his speed is being discussed nor is he able to take wickets. 

Retained in Hyderabad for so many crores

Malik's bowling stars may be in trouble, but money is raining down on them. Umran Malik, who once got a monthly salary of Rs 10,000 as a net bowler from Hyderabad, has been collecting Rs 4 crore every year for the last three years. From the year 2022, he is getting an annual fee of Rs 4 crore. And now that IPL is approaching, Hyderabad management must be worried about Malik.