The Jordanian fans are preparing to welcome the national team champions with celebrations, despite the anger over the performance of Chinese referee Ma Ning in the final match, which resulted in a loss to the Qatari club “Al-Annabi” with three goals from penalty kicks, compared to a single goal for Al-Nashama.

Councils and social media are almost devoid of the Jordanian street’s preparations to welcome the young people and prepare popular events to celebrate them.

A solemn celebration

The Jordanian Football Association is also holding a reception and honoring the Al-Nashama team under the title “Their Champions’ Neighborhood” after the historic achievement of reaching the final match of the 2023 Asian Cup Qatar. The

national team’s plane is expected to land at Queen Alia International Airport on Monday afternoon, followed by many performances. To receive and honor Al-Nashama at Amman International Stadium.

The Jordanian Football Association explained that the ceremony to receive and honor Al-Nashama at Amman International Stadium will begin at 6:30 pm, and will include many diverse events to celebrate the champions of the national team, with the stands opening to the fans as of 5 pm.

 In addition, the Jordanian Football Association announced that tickets for the honoring ceremony at Amman International Stadium would be offered to fans of the national team for free, after reserving seats via the electronic platform.

Roses will fill Amman

among the popular events. Raqi Al-Maayah, owner of a flower shop, told Sky News Arabia that Amman will be filled with roses to celebrate the achievement of the national team champions, confirming their presence to welcome the champions in a way that befits them.

"For the eyes of the team"

Osama Gharizat, owner of a car oil change and maintenance station, decided to provide the service on Monday at cost price to celebrate Al-Nashama’s historic achievement, stressing to Sky News Arabia that his initiative aims to consolidate the magnitude of the achievement in the hearts of Jordanians.

The King, for his part, called

Jordanian King Abdullah II on the phone to name the national football team, praising their efforts and distinguished performance in the Asian Cup, and considered that the team’s arrival to the final and competing for the Asian Cup title is a historic achievement, “that brightens the face and raises the head,” wishing them success in the tournament. The coming days.

The King expressed his appreciation for the high performance of the team in the tournament, which demonstrated the high morale of the Jordanians, stressing his support for the national team, which must build on this achievement and prepare for the future, expressing his thanks to all the players, the coach and the accompanying crews for their distinguished contribution.