On Sunday, February 11, 

 the men's pursuit race took place at the 2024

Biathlon World Championships in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic.

Ukraine was represented in it by two biathletes: Dmytro Pidruchny (according to the results of

the sprint

, he started 21st) and Anton Dudchenko (39th).

The best among Ukrainians in the pursuit was Pidruchny, who finished 23rd. Dudchenko took the 25th position.

Norwegians were stationed on all steps of the pedestal. Johannes Bö became the world champion in the pursuit race, Sturla Legrade won silver, and Vetle Shostad Christiansen won bronze.

Biathlon World Championships 2024: results of the men's pursuit race

1. Johannes Bø (Norway, 1+2+0+0) 32:36.9 minutes

2. Sturla Legreid (Norway, 2+0+0+0) +28.7

3. Vetle Shostad Christiansen (Norway, 0+0+1+2) +38.5

4. Johannes Dahl (Norway, 0+0+3+0) +54.0

5. Tarje Bjo (Norway, 0+0+0+4) +1:20.9

6. Sebastian Samuelsson (Sweden, 0+0+2+1) +1:28.3


23. Dmytro Pidruchny (Ukraine, 0+1+0+2) +4:02.1

25. Anton Dudchenko (Ukraine, 0+0+0+0) +4:09.7

It should be noted that

the women's pursuit race

at the 2024 Biathlon World Championships also took place on Sunday, February 11. It was won by Frenchwoman Julia Simon, and the best among Ukrainian women was Khrystyna Dmytrenko, who finished 26th.

On Tuesday, February 13, the competitive program of the 2024 Biathlon World Championships will continue with the women's individual race, which will begin at 18:10 Kyiv time.

Where to watch the biathlon world championship races

On the territory of Ukraine, all races of the Biathlon World Championship will be broadcast on the website Suspilne Sport, as well as on local TV channels of Public Broadcasting (Public Kyiv, Public Poltava, etc.).

You can also watch the race on the Kyivstar TV

online television platform 

 on the Public Kyiv channel. And with promo code TSNUA, get premium access to the movie and television platform for 7 days.

Biathlon World Championships 2024: schedule of all races and where to watch

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