Hussein Amouta said in statements after the final match, which resulted in Qatar winning the Asian Cup title 3-1:

• Unfortunately, the course of the match did not go as we wanted. We were not focused and made some mistakes. We played with great confusion at first.

• The second half was better for us and we succeeded in coming back with the result. But the timing of the second penalty kick was harsh on us.

• I congratulate the players who played a high-level tournament and gained respect, and the team developed excellently.

• The team has risen to a higher level and we must continue to develop its technical level.

As for the Jordanian national team defender, Ihsan Haddad, he said, “We must not forget everything we did because of the 90 minutes in the final match, especially since we were playing against the defending champion and the home team.”

He added, "We apologize to our fans, who have been a great support to us. We fell short today, but we promise them that the next will be better."

He praised the coach who "implanted in us greater strength and ambition and we became more confident."