IND vs AFG: World Record on Rohit Sharma's target

Rohit Sharma eye on Big World Record: There is a series of three T20 International matches (India vs Afghanistan T20I Series) between India and Afghanistan and Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have returned to the Indian team for this series. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli played the last T20 International match against England. Since this semi-final match of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, both batsmen had kept away from the T20 format. However, both have returned in the series against Afghanistan. Rohit Sharma is back as captain. The first match of the series between India and Afghanistan will be on 11 January. At the same time, in this series, Rohit Sharma's eyes will be on achieving the record that no one has been able to do in international cricket.

Actually, Rohit Sharma is currently the batsman who has hit the most sixes in international cricket. Rohit Sharma has hit 464 sixes in 486 innings of 582 matches. After this, Chris Gayle is number one in the list, who has hit 483 sixes in 551 innings of 553 matches. If Rohit Sharma hits 18 sixes during the series against Afghanistan, then he will become the first batsman in cricket history to touch the figure of 600 sixes in international cricket.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni will also leave behind

If the Indian team under the leadership of Rohit Sharma is successful in winning the T3 series 0–20 against Afghanistan, then Rohit Sharma will become the most successful captain in India's T20 format. The record of winning the most T20 International matches for India as captain is in the name of MS Dhoni, who has captained the team in 72 matches and won the team in 41. Talking about Rohit Sharma's statistics, he has led India in 51 matches, out of which Team India has won 39 matches. If Team India wins the series 2-1, then Rohit Sharma will equal Mahendra Singh Dhoni in this case.

Virat Kohli's record also in danger

Rohit Sharma has scored 20 runs in T32 Internationals for India at an average of 49.1527. While Virat Kohli has scored 50 runs in 1570 matches as captain. As soon as Rohit Sharma scores 44 runs in the series against Afghanistan, he will leave Virat Kohli behind in this matter.

The second match of the series against Afghanistan will be the 20th match of Rohit Sharma's T150 International career and Rohit will become the first player to play 150 T20 Internationals.