Jenni Hermoso reiterates: The kiss that Luis Rubiales gave me was not consensual 1:16

(CNN) -- English Football Association (FA) president Debbie Hewitt has accused Luis Rubiales of inappropriately touching England players at the FIFA World Cup final in Australia.

The claims were made public on Wednesday after FIFA published its reasons for banning the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation from "all football-related activities" for three years, a decision taken in October.

Hewitt, who stood alongside Rubiales at the post-match medal ceremony in August, made a series of claims noting that his tone had been "obnoxious and unnecessarily aggressive" when officials told him not to move to a more prominent position.

According to FIFA, Hewitt said Rubiales "grabbed and caressed the face of England player Laura Coombs, which [the FA president] thought was a bit odd and then apparently forcibly kissed England player Lucy Bronze on her face."

Hewitt added that she "felt deeply uncomfortable and embarrassed" by the way Rubiales greeted the Spanish players, which included touching one of them on the buttocks.


She also noted that Rubiales kissed Spanish player Jennifer Hermoso "completely and forcibly on the mouth," which left her "a little surprised," as it was clear to Hewitt that the incident was not consensual.

"The aggression and force seemed inappropriate and out of place," Hewitt added.

Rubiales, 46, described the kiss as "mutual," a claim Hermoso denied, saying she did not consent and was not respected.

In her response, according to FIFA, Rubiales said it was "disgusting" that Hewitt described him as "some kind of scoundrel," accused her of blatant "lies" and "speaking from ignorance," and said her blanket statement "does her position as president of the English FA any favors."

In its conclusions, FIFA dismissed Rubiales' assessment, saying it had no reason to doubt Hewitt's remarks.

He also noted that at no point did Rubiales explicitly apologize for his actions, but simply stated that "they shouldn't have happened."

Rubiales was also seen clutching his crotch as he celebrated Spain's victory, according to the decision.

The disciplinary panel called Rubiales' behavior "unforgivable and unacceptable."

The Committee stressed that it "was tempted to impose harsher sanctions in view of the seriousness of the incidents at stake, as well as the profound negative impact that the defendants' actions had on the image of FIFA, women's football and women's sport in general."

"However, and even with great doubts, the Disciplinary Committee was satisfied that the imposition of such a measure would have the necessary deterrent effect on the respondent."

Rubiales is currently under investigation for "the crimes of sexual assault and coercion", in a case initiated by the Spanish Prosecutor's Office. He resigned in September after weeks of refusing to resign.

He appeared in court last month, after which the Spanish prosecutor's office said Rubiales had answered questions from the judge and all parties involved and denied the charges.

In response to his three-year suspension, Rubiales said on social media in October that he was going to appeal FIFA's decision "so that justice is done and the truth shines."

Report by Sammy Mncwabe in Cape Town

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