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(CNN Español) -- This Thursday in Miami, the draw for the Copa America 2024 will take place, which will take place next year in the United States between June 20 and July 14.

The sixteen teams will be distributed in four bowls at the time of the draw.

In total, there are ten teams that will represent the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) and six that are part of the Confederation of Association Football of North, Central America and the Caribbean (Concacaf).

The teams will be divided into four groups that already have their respective seeds: Argentina, Mexico, the United States and Brazil.

The Four Bolilleros

In the first bowl are the four seeded teams: Argentina, Mexico, the United States and Brazil. The criteria for the selection of these teams has to do with the FIFA ranking of national teams and the winners of the respective continental cups. Argentina will be seeded in Group A for having won the 2021 Copa America. Mexico is the first member of Group B to have won the Concacaf Gold Cup. Brazil will top Group D as the fifth seed in the rankings, while the United States, ranked twelfth, will be seeded in Group C.


The following teams are ranked by the two teams that have yet to qualify for the Concacaf Nations League, which will go directly to the No. 4 seed.

Then the number 2 bowler (who will occupy position two in each group) will have the Uruguay National Team led by Marcelo Bielsa, and the top winner of the Copa America with 15 (tied with Argentina). It is completed by Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The number 3 team (which will go to the third place in each group) is made up of three teams from Conmebol and one from Concacaf. Chile, Venezuela and Paraguay on the one hand, and Panama on the other.

The final team (the fourth position in each group) will have Bolivia and three teams from Concacaf. The only one of these three teams defined at the moment is Jamaica, while waiting for the winners of the series Canada vs. Trinidad and Tobago and Costa Rica vs. Honduras.

Opening Match

The first match of the Copa América USA 2024 already has a venue and a team that awaits an opponent. Lionel Messi's Argentina will play that game with an opponent who will come out of the number 4 bowl.

The kick-off will be at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in the city of Atlanta, which has a capacity for 73,019 spectators.

Mexico will play the Copa América 2024 in these venues 0:58

What time is the draw?

6:30 p.m. Mexico

7:30 p.m. Miami - Ecuador - Peru - Colombia

8:30 p.m. Bolivia – Venezuela

9:30 p.m. Argentina – Brazil – Uruguay – Chile – Paraguay

01:30 a.m. Spain


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