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In the fourth T2I against Australia in Raipur, wicketkeeper-batsman Jitesh Sharma, who played for Punjab, captivated the hearts of the fans. The wicketkeeper scored 19 off just 35 balls with three sixes and a four. And his sixes were such that fans remembered Dhoni's early days. But in the midst of these sixes, Jitesh's dangerous shot hit such a dangerous shot that umpire Anant Padmanabhan became a fielder!! In fact, what would have happened if he did not become a fielder can be easily understood.

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In fact, Jitesh hit a six on square leg on the second ball of the 15th over of Green's innings. On the next high full-toss ball, Jitesh hit the shot so hard that it hit Green's hands and went straight to umpire Padmanabhan. And this shot was so fast that Padmanabhan tried to catch the ball by becoming a fielder to save himself. Obviously, the umpire could not catch the ball, but if Anantha Padmanabhan did not do this, the ball could have hit his body or face and he could have been badly injured. The ball hit his body hard. However, the umpires later apologised for trying to grab the catch

You just look at the umpire's face.

Umpire's face says it all

Ji-tezz Sharma at work

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The umpires could not catch the catch, the ball also hit the body hard, thank God there was no serious injury.

Umpire takes body blow from Jitesh Sharma's hit

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