ODI cricket needs a change now, says Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir on ODI Cricket: There is talk of change in ODI cricket (OCI Cricket). Many former veterans have described ODI cricket as boring. Not only this, there is also speculation whether the World Cup will be ended in the ODI format in the future. Gambhir has answered this question. In fact, while talking with SportsSports, Gambhir has answered the question in which it was said, "Was the 2023 World Cup the last ODI World Cup". On this question, the former Indian cricketer reacted and said, "No, I do not think that the World Cup will end in the ODI format and it should not happen."

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The former Indian cricketer further said, "Of course, the World Cup should be played every 4 years. I think ODI cricket should be played during the same year as the World Cup. This time the World Cup has been held in 2023, so now the ODI World Cup will be held in 2027. More and more ODI cricket should also be played in the same year. I want you to play ODI cricket a year before the World Cup and before that you play T20 cricket. Apart from this, Test cricket also continued to happen. So that you can maintain the interest of the fans in ODI cricket.

Gautam Gambhir further said, "If this happens then those players will have a chance to play another World Cup who are reaching the last stage of their career. But if you play so much cricket continuously, you probably won't see the best players playing in every World Cup.

The former India opener further said, "There is no fun in playing a bilateral series now. Fans have also considered this bilateral series boring. Earlier the Triangle Series was also played. Fans enjoyed it more. The players also played the triangle series with a lot of fun.

Gambhir has admitted that the "Triangle series should be resumed. Imagine if India, Australia and New Zealand are playing a triangle series, then every match will have a different challenge, the interest about the match will also increase. If we want to make ODI cricket interesting, then the triangle series has to be returned.