The board supported the proposal to conduct an experiment whereby only the captain has the right to go to the referee in certain match cases, and it was also agreed to try the proposal for temporary expulsion for protest or specific tactical violations.

The temporary expulsion has seen successful implementation in some non-professional football competitions.

The proposals will be considered at the Council's annual general meeting in March, and the Board will incorporate any approved changes to the Laws of the Game from July 2024, <>.

The members also agreed to continue to develop semi-automatic offside technology, to help match referees on the pitch speed up the decision-making process.

The meeting discussed strategies to address lost time in matches and tactics aimed at lowering the tempo of play, including limiting the time to 6 seconds for goalkeepers to play the ball, resuming play after the break and limiting the pretense of injuries.

The Board also agreed that consideration should be given to including FIFA's successful procedure on VAR technology, which includes the referee's explanation of the final decision after the case review.

The FIFA Council is the body that sets the laws of the game and acts as the "guardian" of internationally used laws.