Shah Rukh Khan was released by Punjab Kings on Sunday.

New Delhi:

Ipl 2024 Retention: Sunday was the last day for player trading and release for the Indian Premier League 2024, which has been extended till December 12, but Sunday was a very surprising day. The most surprising was the retention of Hardik Pandya by Gujarat Titans. However, pundits are saying that the real picture is yet to come! You see what decisions the window takes until the window closes by December 12. However, apart from this, many other surprising decisions were taken. That is, Delhi Capitals released ten players, Punjab Kings released Shah Rukh Khan and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Shardul Thakur. And many former veterans, including Anil Kumble, have expressed great surprise over the release of both of them.

Zinta paid a heavy price for Shah Rukh!

Shah Rukh Khan has been with Punjab for the last two seasons. And Punjab paid Shah Rukh a hefty fee of Rs 2022 crore every year, but he disappointed in both seasons. Or it can also be said that Punjab made Shah Rukh bat in a very low order. In the year 16, he played only eight matches. And in these matches, he scored 71 runs at an average of 117.2013. At the same time, in 14 innings of 13 matches played last year i.e. 22, Shahrukh could score only 29 runs at an average of 156.41. The best score was <> not out, but as if that was not enough. Shah Rukh had another chance, but he missed it

Mushtaq Ali Trophy was wasted!

A few days ago, Shah Rukh had a very good opportunity to assure the Punjab management after failing in the last two seasons, but Shahrukh could not take advantage again in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. Shahrukh could score only 5 runs in 15 matches played for Tamil Nadu at an average of 75.63. And this is the reason why Preity Zinta decided to break free from Shah Rukh.