MS Dhoni vs Rohit Sharma: Ms Dhoni remembered

MS Dhoni vs Rohit Sharma: In the World Cup final against Australia, the Indian team lost by 6 wickets. India's dream of winning the World Cup for the third time was broken. Even though we lost in the final, it was not easy to stay unbeaten and reach the final of the World Cup (IND vs AUS Final). All the players of India came together and gave a great performance. Yes, there was a bad day and India lost the final. Even though we lost the final, our players definitely won the heart. In this final match, the fans also remembered Dhoni, especially in difficult times when India was not able to get wickets and we were getting close to defeating the match, suddenly Mahendra Singh Dhoni started to be remembered. Actually, Dhoni (MS Dhoni) has been a captain who was successful in getting India out in difficult times. This is the reason that when Rohit (Rohiya Sharma) was upset on the field, fans started remembering all those policies of Dhoni, on the basis of which Mahi has won the match for India many times.

MS Dhoni watching the IND vs AUS final with his friends!
Why MSD not in stadium

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First of
all, watch the 2007 T20 World Cup final, Dhoni took a different decision and bowled the last over with Joginder Sharma. Getting Joginder Sharma to bowl was a decision that came as a surprise. But Mahi's "Out of the Box Thinking" played a key role in helping India win the World T20 title for the first time. Similarly, in the 2011 World Cup, bringing yourself to bat before Yuvraj also became the turning point of the match, which is still talked about. Apart from this, when India won by one run against Bangladesh in the 2016 World T20, in that last over, Dhoni handed the ball to the less experienced bowler Hardik and then we remember the miracle that happened. India managed to win the lost match by one run. Dhoni's "out of the box thinking" thinking was missing in the 2023 World Cup final.

Respect for MS Dhoni, the captain is increasing after every ICC tournament.

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Ashish Nehra already told us

Missing you Mahi bhai 💔

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MS Dhoni remains the last Indian captain to win the ICC trophy.

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Could Rohit have followed Dhoni's path?
Although this is not a criticism of Rohit, but it definitely comes out what Dhoni would have done if he was in such a situation... In fact, if Rohit had bowled 2 to 3 overs to another part-time bowler in the middle overs, what could have been the wicket? Yes, it is different that later the pitch became good for batting. On which there was not much left for the bowler. But in the final, fans were expecting Rohit to "think out of the box" in difficult times. By the way, the way Rohit batted throughout this tournament played an important role in taking India to the final.

Salute to Rohit

After India's defeat in the 2019 World Cup semi-finals, Rohit had said that his dream is to win the World Cup title for India, which could be fulfilled this time, but even though this dream has been broken by Rohit, no one can ever forget what his batting has done in this World Cup. Rohit is and will remain the most successful batsman in the history of the World Cup.