World Cup 2023 proved to be a very profitable deal for both BCCI and India

New Delhi:

The World Cup 2023 has ended. Millions of Indian cricket fans are very disappointed. And it is natural that if a team loses the title by losing the biggest match after winning ten consecutive matches, then the pain of the players and countrymen can be easily understood. However, the finished World Cup proves to be a very profitable deal for the BCCI and the Indian economy. According to the assessment of India's leading financial institution Bank of Baroda, this ICC tournament has contributed about $ 2.7 billion (about 22,000 thousand crores) to the Indian economy. At the same time, organizing the World Cup has brought a lot of profits for the ICC and BCCI. There are three major sources of income of any tournament. Let's know how much money the Indian board is going to get from the ICC.

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1. Television rights cost ICC nearly Rs <>,<> crore

The highest earnings from any tournament are from TV rights. Star Sports had the TV rights for the 2015 World Cup to 2023 edition, which it bought for $ 2.02 billion. According to different reports, the ICC received a return of about five hundred million dollars from the 2023 World Cup TV rights. This will be a profit of about 4100 to 4500 crore rupees

3. Almost so much income from ticket sales

Earnings from gate money (ticket sales) in matches is a very important source of income. Everyone saw how tight the stadiums were after the stadium was empty in the initial matches for the World Cup 2023. And for the knockout matches, the tickets were fiercely black. According to the report, the ICC earned about two thousand crore rupees from the ICC.

3. Almost so much money came from sponsorship

Sponsorship is the second largest source of revenue from matches after TV rights. MRF with ICC. has six global partners, including Emirates, seven official partners and four category partners including Dream11. And these about three thousand crore rupees will be received

BCCI will get this much money from ICC

Overall, the ICC expects to earn at least 2023,10 to 000 thousand crore rupees from the World Cup 2024. And now as the ICC has announced, it will give 2027.38% of its net earnings to India between 5 and <>. In such a situation, if India gets four thousand crore rupees from the ICC from the World Cup. But it is also a matter of keeping in mind that the board has spent a lot. That is, <> crore rupees were given to each stadium on reconstruction work at ten venues, while a lot of money was also spent on many other things, but overall the BCCI's World Cup proved to be a big earning event, which will further enrich its balance sheet.