Ind vs BAN umpire controversy

Virat Kohli umpire controversy: India defeated Bangladesh (IND vs BAN) by 7 wickets. Kohli completed the 103th century of his ODI career, while KL Rahul also had a hand in completing Kohli's century. Rahul motivated Kohli to complete the century, due to which King was successful in scoring a century. At that very place. On the other hand, during the match, there was an incident that created a controversy. Actually, when Kohli was batting on 48 runs and India needed 97 runs to win. In such a situation, bowler Nusum Ahmed was doing the 2nd over. Then a ball fell down the leg, which Kohli left. The ball went to the wicketkeeper. But even after the ball was in the leg side line, umpire Richard Kettleborough did not declare the ball wide. Kohli took advantage of this and later scored a six to not only win India but also complete his century.

Umpire doesn't give wide to virat
Best moment of match. 🤣🔥🔥

— Saurabh Raj (@sraj57454) October 19, 2023

But after the match, this decision of the umpire (umpire wide controversy) created a controversy. People started calling the umpire's decision wrong on social media. There is also a variety of talk about this decision on social media. By the way, India defeated Bangladesh by 7 wickets to register their fourth win in the tournament.

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Former India captain Kohli has completed a century for the first time in the history of the World Cup. At the same time, this is Kohli's third century in the World Cup. Apart from this, Virat has also scored this second century against Bangladesh in the history of the World Cup. Now the Indian team is going to play its next match against New Zealand on October 22 after this victory. At present, New Zealand is at number one in the points table, while India is at number two. In such a situation, the match on October 22 is going to be very important.

What are the rules for wide?

Many have believed that the umpire's decision was wrong, which allowed Kohli to score a full chance. But let us know that in recent times there have also been changes in the rule of giving wide, due to which the umpire may not give this ball wide. Clause 22.1.1 of the MCC Rules of Cricket was the first rule regarding wide that if the ball came out of the line of the leg stump, it could be given wide. But in March 2022, the MCC brought the new rule into effect from October 1 which states that "In modern sports, the batsman does not move much on his crease before the ball is thrown and if the ball remains outside the leg stump, then such delivery can be called 'wide'. But at the same time, the batsman moves more before the ball is thrown at his crease and the bowler tries to throw the ball away from the batsman to save himself, then in that case the umpire will decide to give a wide. So that the wide is applicable to the place where the batsman is standing when the bowler has started taking a run up.