Portuguese fans and stars of the round witch follow Ronaldo's experience with Saudi Arabia's victory, and watch with great interest the journey of the first star of Portuguese football in Saudi stadiums.

In an exclusive statement to the site "Sky News Arabia", Benfica and the Portuguese national team legend Nuno Gomes spoke about his position on Ronaldo's desire to retire from Saudi stadiums, saying:

• It is a personal decision that cannot be judged, and by watching him inside the green rectangle with his Saudi team Al-Nassr, he is happy, and this is what is important now.

• For a footballer, there are two important factors that must be available, namely ambition and passion, and I watch Ronaldo still full of desire to win and passion in playing, as he rejoices at victory and gets angry at losing, which is proof that he is still an avid player to play and win and always wants to be the number one player in the world.

• What I heard from Ronaldo is that he enjoys playing in the Saudi league, and as long as he is happy, the Portuguese fans are happy too. Having played with Ronaldo for so long, and witnessing the creativity of this superstar, I am also happy to be living this new phase of Ronaldo's career.

• On the secret of Ronaldo's success in maintaining his brilliance on the pitch despite reaching the age of 38, Gomes, who played 12 years for Benfica and managed to win two Portuguese league championships and the cup once, said: "He is a professional player in every sense of the word since his beginnings, he is diligent and full of a spirit of challenge and ambition and always strives to be the number one player, and the hidden work he does such as taking care of his health, fitness and readiness gives him the energy to play in this Advanced age, and helps him achieve positive results.

• Gomes spoke about the experience of the Saudi league in contracting with a selection of the most famous players in the world, where the Portuguese football legend, who played 464 matches in his career with clubs, the most important of which are Benfica and Lisbon Portugal, Fiorentina and Blackburn Rovers English, saying: "It is an exciting experience and attracted the attention of global football fans, as Saudi Arabia is credited with going through this experience, and using a selection of the most famous football stars in the world in order to develop the local competition and bring it to the levels of major leagues, and I expect that this will bear fruit The experiment reports positive results in the future.