New Delhi:

There is no match for creative artists. And there is no dearth of creativity in India. Now you know how Indian opener Shubman Gill is running in tremendous form these days. Gill has scored four centuries in the last four innings of ODIs. Recently, in the Asia Cup, one against Bangladesh, and the other against Australia scored a century in the second ODI. And this is the reason why Indians got a chance to have fun with Pakistan. That means the fans should just get a chance. There should be no excuse to stretch, they should not give up. You see, the rest was given to Gill against Australia, but Indian creative artists are expressing the mood of Pakistan through memes.

You look and laugh.

Shubman Gill rested for the 3rd ODI.

Babar Azam & his teammates Rn :-#PakistanCricketTeam ||

— Sir BoiesX (@BoiesX45) September 27, 2023

The Pakistan team is also celebrating.


Pakistan team celebrates the exclusion of Shubman Gill from India vs Australia 3rd ODI.

Our Babar Azam is No. 1 #CWC23 |

— Pakistan Cricket (@TheRealPCCB) September 27, 2023

This is also a matter of concern for Pakistan fans

The distance between Babar Azam and Shubman Gill has shrunk to just ten points.

_Babar retains his lead ahead of the World Cup._#BabarAzam |

— World Cup (@MazakMastiMemes) September 27, 2023

Artists' thinking can go anywhere.

Shubman Gill will soon overtake Babar Azam in No 1 ODI

— Ctrl C Ctrl Memes (@Ctrlmemes_) September 24, 2023

Look at this

Shubman Gill vs Shaheen Afridi
We were holding trophies at 24

— Ctrl C Ctrl Memes (@Ctrlmemes_) September 18, 2023