The meeting was held at Cairo International Stadium and ended in a draw with a deadly goal for the contractors in injury time to deprive Zamalek of winning with a clean goal.

Demands for a replay of the match

• Analysts demanded the official Zamalek channel to replay the match, to be circulated request on social networking sites with the support of the fans of the white club, because of what was stated in the referee's conversation with his assistants.

• The regulations for the use of video technology do not provide for broadcasting the referees' talk among themselves live, as happened in the meeting between Zamalek and the contractors, and the referee's opinion in his decisions should not be announced even if after the match in accordance with the regulations of the referees committee.

Article 28 of the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association's regulations, which regulate the Egyptian league, allows a rematch if the referee admits to committing a foul during the match that violates football laws.

• What is new is that the referee did not write in his report that he misunderstood an article in the football law, but revealed his opinion that contradicts the law of the game, hence the demands for a rematch.

Did the referee confess?

The blow that sparked controversy was a shot from Zamalek midfielder Mohamed Ashraf to hit the hands of the contractors defender on the edge of the penalty area, to be resorted to video technology to see if it deserves a penalty or not.

Speaking to the video room referees, Amin Omar said: "In my opinion the ball is on the line of the penalty area, but three-quarters of it is out of line, so it doesn't deserve a penalty."

By mistake, what Omar said was broadcast through a camera that was very close to the referee and the sound was not muted through the director, so that everyone could hear what the referee said.

Football law stipulates that a penalty will be awarded if the foul occurred on the line of the penalty area, without the need for the foul to be after the line, and if the ball touches any part of the line without having to cross it completely.

Those calling for a rematch considered that Omar admitted on air that he was not familiar with the law, a mistake that warrants a rematch, but the referee did not write this in his report to make a replay unlikely until the league intervenes and announces its decision.