The top Saudi league is focusing on the Premier League to attract its stars during the next season, led by the duo of Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne.

Ittihad Jeddah tried hard to acquire Mohamed Salah's services last summer, making an offer of £150m that was rejected by Liverpool, with reports suggesting the offer could be raised to £200m.

But Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne, who has become one of the club's legends, has been linked for the first time with a move to the Saudi league.

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The report "Talk Sport" revealed Saudi Arabia's plan to attract the most prominent stars of the Premier League in the next season, where the Egyptian Mohamed Salah is at the top of the required list.

Salah was highly requested last summer by the Jeddah federation, and although he has not commented on the negotiations at all in the media, he has shown flexibility in concluding the deal provided Liverpool agree.

Al-Ittihad is scheduled to return next summer to Anfield to negotiate with Liverpool on the inclusion of the Egyptian star, with the possibility of competition from other Saudi clubs to include the top scorer of the English red team.

Salah's contract with his English club expires on June 30, 2025, giving him the right to sign for free in January after next, but Al-Ittihad does not intend to wait until it includes the Egyptian pharaoh for free, and will return strongly again to negotiate with Liverpool.

After Manchester City lost one of its stars last summer due to Saudi league investments, with the transfer of Algerian Riyad Mahrez to Ahli Jeddah, the heavenly club may become strongly exposed to the loss of another star, Belgian Kevin De Bruyne, whose name has been placed on the list of wanted in Saudi Arabia.

De Bruyne is making a big impact for Manchester City and is considered by some to be the first star despite the presence of Norwegian Erling Haaland, the team's top scorer, due to his assists and the ability to create plays and always control the tempo of matches.

Saudi clubs may face rejection from the heavenly club such as the one they faced from the "Reds" in Salah's deal, due to the adherence of Manchester City and its Spanish coach Pep Guardiola to the Belgian star and the lack of intention to allow him to leave.

The Belgian player, who turns 33 in June, has two seasons left on his contract, including the current season, to become available for free transfer next summer, which motivates Saudi clubs to try to include him.

The third expected deal in Saudi Arabia is the transfer of player Callum Wilson from Newcastle United to a Saudi club next summer, after the brilliance of the Englishman.

Wilson also expires on the same date as Salah and De Bruyne's contracts with Liverpool and Manchester City, and he is close to their age, as he completes his 32nd year in February.

The Newcastle player is at the top of the transfer list for summer club Al-Qadisiya, as the club that leads Saudi Arabia's second division seeks a tumultuous transfer season if its promotion to the top flight is confirmed to compete with the big boys next season.