The professional league clubs have taken an unprecedented decision in the history of Jordanian football to suspend their participation in local football competitions, demanding an additional 200,282 dinars (about $<>,<>) for the current season as a sponsorship amount.

But the clubs decided in their meeting at the headquarters of Al-Faisaly Club, on Sunday evening, to return "unconditionally" to play the league matches and resume their participation in the competitions, without announcing any conditions or details about the scenes of this decision.

An informed source confirmed to Sky News Arabia that "the clubs rejected any external interventions, and preferred to keep the matter internal among themselves," stressing that communication between the clubs and the Jordan Football Association "has not been interrupted since the beginning of the crisis."

This is what happened at the meeting, according to the source:

  • The majority of club presidents voted on the decision to continue the competitions and sit at the table with the Jordanian Federation at a later date.
  • The clubs have not announced any conditions for completing their participation in the competitions.
  • The presidents of Al-Wehdat and Al-Ahly clubs were absent from the meeting, due to their presence outside the country.

Understandings behind the scenes

On the other hand, an informed source said that there were "understandings between the Jordanian Federation and the professional league clubs behind the scenes, and it only appeared to reverse the decision."

The source said that the federation "will take a positive step towards containing the crisis, and reversing the decision to transfer clubs to disciplinary committees, which it took with the announcement of clubs suspending their participation in competitions, and the players' refusal to take to the pitch since last Thursday."

He continued: "These are all indicators to reach satisfactory solutions for all parties, especially as the federation appreciates the difficult financial conditions experienced by the clubs."

The beginning of the crisis

  • Pro League clubs have decided to suspend their participation in local football competitions, demanding an additional 200,282 dinars ($<>,<>) from the local federation for the current season.
  • The crisis between the federation and the clubs came after the former's inability to collect the amounts of money due to him by sponsors, and then provide support to the clubs, and his failure to attract new sponsors after the start of the league competitions.
  • The clubs implemented their agreement to suspend participation in the sixth round of league matches, which was scheduled to start on Thursday.

Support is not for entertainment

Earlier, a source within the committee formed by the clubs, who did not want to be identified, told Sky News Arabia that the clubs are not demanding material support for welfare, but for the purposes of correcting their situation.

He explained that the clubs are demanding the amount of 200,12 dinars throughout the year, as indicated in the letter sent to the federation and signed by the <> full clubs participating in the league.

He added that "the federation has been notified that the clubs will suspend their participation in the sixth week, in protest against the failure to meet their demands and take them into account."

He commented on the transfer of matches to the disciplinary committee, that "this decision came collectively and the clubs adhered to it," pointing out that the clubs are unable to pay the dues of their players and therefore it will be the first to support them and not fine them and complicate the situation.