Sreesanth vs Dhoni: Big disclosure about Dhoni

Under Dhoni's captaincy, India won the World Cup, T20 World Cup and ICC Champions Trophy. Dhoni was such a captain under whose captaincy the luck of many young players shined. Dhoni has been one of the most successful captains in Indian cricket. During his career, Dhoni also made many friends, while some cricketers did not like Mahi's style. There were also reports of confrontation between senior players over Dhoni's captaincy. At the same time, now Sreesanth has recently said something about Dhoni while talking with Sports Sports which has become headlines.

Speaking on his point, the former bowler said, "I also had differences with Mahi bhai. But now when I look at the cricketing side of things, no one can say that Dhoni didn't support them... There are certain situations that make the captain think differently and that's how life is."

"If I say this, it will be a bit controversial... Yes, you can say 'why talk only about 2-3 players?' But it's just about the way Dhoni used to think about the team all the time. He started a culture of giving the cup to the newest player in the team... He never wanted the limelight. He always wanted the team to do well."

"Yes, we won the World Cup because of the hard work of each and every player... Although there may be many celebrities on the ship, the task of carrying it from one destination to another is always done by the captain. It doesn't matter how much you put the flight on autopilot, you need a pilot."

"Virat and Sachin are special players because..." Manjrekar spoke of similar qualities between the two players.

"Karun Nair's luck did not support but did not give up, now he is making a splash in county cricket, batting like this and scoring so many runs

Let us know that just a few days before the World Cup 2023 starts, there is a debate going on between social media and fans whether Indian captain Rohit Sharma will be able to show a charisma like Dhoni this time. The last time India managed to win the World Cup title was in 2011, at that time India's captain was Dhoni. Sreesanth was also included in the 2011 World Cup team.