According to the statement of "FIFA", Argentina remained at the top, followed by France, Brazil, England, Belgium, Croatia, the Netherlands.While Portugal jumped to eighth place, to take the place of its Italian counterpart, who fell to ninth, behind them Spain in tenth place.At the continental and regional level, Morocco's first team remained Arab and African, jumping to 13th place, followed by Senegal (20), Tunisia (29), Algeria (34), Egypt (35), and Nigeria (40).While Saudi Arabia came in fifth place in the Arab world with its presence in rank (57), followed by Qatar (61), Iraq (69), UAE (70), Oman (73), Jordan (84), Bahrain (86), Syria (93), Palestine (97), and Mauritania (99).Other Arab teams were also outside the list of the first 100 teams, namely Lebanon (101), Libya (126), Comoros (129), Sudan (130), Kuwait (135), Yemen (156), Djibouti (190), and Somalia (194).The "FIFA" explained, in its statement, that it was based on this classification on 159 matches It is noteworthy that the Moroccan national team had achieved a great achievement for the first time in the history of Arabs and Africa, which is achieving fourth place in the "2022 World Cup".