Irfan Pathan reveals

Irfan Pathan: Former India veteran Irfan Pathan has named two Pakistan batsmen in front of whom bowling was like a challenge. Speaking to Star Sports, Irfan has given Pakistan the names of two difficult batsmen. Irfan has taken the first name of former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq, while the second name he has taken Abdul Razzaq. The former India all-rounder admitted that bowling in front of Inzamam and Abdul Razzaq has always been a challenge for him. Irfan said, "Inzamam has been a batsman who used to go fiercely at the crease. Looking at him, it always seemed that this batsman had a lot of time. It was very difficult to bowl in front of them. Inzamam has been the best batsman in the world. Getting him out was definitely a big deal."

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At the same time, Irfan also talked about Abdul Razzaq. Regarding Abdul Razzaq, Irfan said, "Razzaq was a great all-rounder. When he used to play, there was no T20 cricket at that time. If so, they are the most dangerous in this format. Irfan said that Abdul Razzaq was an all-rounder who scored consistently from batting besides bowling. Bowling at good length was equivalent to feasting on difficult situations. In particular, he was successful in hitting the shot on the Yorker ball as well. Obviously, bowling in front of them was nothing short of a challenge.

Inzamam-ul-Haq played 120 Test matches in his career and managed to score 8830 runs during this period. In Tests, Inzamam had managed to score 25 centuries and 2 double centuries. At the same time, 46 half-centuries were scored in the Test. In ODIs, Inzamam played 378 matches and managed to score a total of 11739 runs. Inzamam has scored 10 centuries in ODIs. Apart from this, Abdul Razzaq scored 46 runs in 1946 Tests in his career, including 3 centuries. Abdul was also successful in taking 100 wickets in the Test. Apart from this, he managed to score 265 runs in 5080 ODIs, the former Pakistani all-rounder managed to take a total of 269 wickets in ODIs. In T20 Internationals, he could score only 393 runs and was successful in taking 20 wickets.