New Delhi:

Asia Cup 2023 continues at its own pace, it is important for Team India to win every match, but the management's eyes are also on next month's World Cup 2023. In order to proceed for the mega event, there are many boxes that the management has to tick. And the match against Pakistan (India vs Pakistan) was such that many boxes were ticked. And the biggest box happened by chance. Let's take turns to know which boxes were ticked by this match.

1. Openers got confidence

Rohit and Shubman Gill had gained confidence by adding 147 runs for the first wicket against Nepal, but the real shock was against a team like Pakistan because the performance against the rest of the teams was on one side and against Pakistan on the other. And before the rain came on Sunday, both of them planted the temper, which was very much needed. And Rohit and Gill added 121 runs and made a century partnership in the second consecutive match, for which the fans and management were very worried

Kohli's century actually came at a time when everyone was expecting a century from his bat. And Virat also ensured relief for the team management by playing an unbeaten 2 off 94 balls against Pakistan and also ensured relief from his order for the team management.

3. Got the answer to number 4?
Sometimes you get the best by chance. Just imagine if Ishan Kishan hadn't scored 82 runs at number five in the last match against Pakistan, KL Rahul would have played at the same position. And if he had played at this position, would he have been able to perform like he did against Pakistan at No. 106? Unbeaten 111 off 4 balls. And now when those who were criticizing Shreyas Iyer for keeping him out, now they are praising KL's innings fiercely. That means we have two answers to the long-chasing number-<> question. KL Rahul is in pole position. And the race includes Shreyas Iyer.

4. Kuldeep's paw... After the team was announced for the
World Cup 2023, a large section was criticizing Yuzvendra Chahal for not being included in the team. Harbhajan Singh was also involved in this. When Kuldeep could not take a single wicket in the 10 overs of the quota against Nepal, the criticism was increasing, but against Pakistan, Kuldeep Yadav ended the whole debate by clicking another box with his paws.