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Captain Hardik Pandya (Hardi Pandya), who gave India the victory by hitting a six in the last match and keeping Tilak Verma (Tilak Verma) away from a half-century, is still hearing from fans on social media. In the third T20, Verma was unbeaten on 49 runs at the other end and there were about 13 balls left, but striker and captain Hardik hit a six when India needed 1 run to win. After this, all the fans became angry, so some former cricketers also did not like this at all. Former opener Akash Chopra has once again touched on the subject and quoted Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni).

"I move forward with inspiration from past successes..." Kohli told how he always pulls himself out of bad times.

Chopra said on his YouTube channel that Hardik has been trolled a lot. There has been a lot of criticism, but there is also an al idea these days. And that's why you are talking about records in T20s? This happened many times during the conversation.

The former opener said that I remember once MS Dhoni played a defensive shot. Then Virat was at the other end. Dhoni wanted Virat to finish the match and he himself did not want to come into the limelight, but even if Hardik considers Dhoni as his idol, he does not need to become MS. Chopra himself had criticised Hardik in his first video. And after this incident of Hardik, when a large number of fans gave the example of MS Dhoni, now Chopra is seen defending Pandya in the context of Dhoni.

The incident of this match is of Dhoni and Virat.

This story between Dhoni and Virat is from the 2014 T20 World Cup. The match was between India and South Africa. Then Dhoni was on strike and India needed 1 run off seven balls to win. In such a situation, Dhoni gave a strike to Virat by playing a defensive shot, saying, "You finish the match", fans were advising Pandya by posting this video.

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