Dhoni angry on Kohli, Kohli had to hear a reprimand from Dhoni

MS Dhoni Virat Kohli: Dhoni is known as a player who reduces anger. But Ishant Sharma has revealed that Mahi is angry at the players on the field and the way he looked at him when he made a mistake, it was understood that he was angry with us. The fast bowler also told that he once got angry at Virat Kohli. Ishant has revealed this on Ranveer Allahbadia's YouTube show. How Dhoni once tried to explain to Kohli.

Ishant said about this incident, "Mahi bhai is not very angry but once he got angry with Kohli too. We were playing a Test match against Australia. That was Shikhar Dhawan's debut match. The match was stuck in the second innings of the Test match. Shikhar could not bat in the second innings. He had suffered a fracture in his thumb. Due to which the Test match was stuck. Kohli was also out in the second innings. But we had won this Test match. Later when we were in the elevator of the hotel. So he told Kohli - when we know that we have fewer batsmen, then what was the need to hit that shot.

Ishant said, "Dhoni did not show much anger there, but he also told Kohli a point by saying this and made him realize what is your importance. Mahi bhai would have said a lot to me too, but as an elder brother," the Indian bowler said, "Mahi bhai this is the way to convince us, to take the players forward...

Ishant Sharma has played 105 matches in his Test career and has managed to take 311 wickets during this period. Apart from this, he has succeeded in taking 80 wickets in 115 ODIs. Ishant has 20 wickets in T8 International. Ishant has not been included in Team India for the Test series against the West Indies.

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