Wasim Akram on Shubman Gill

Wasim Akram on Sachin Tendulkar vs Shubman Gill: There is nothing like getting praise from a bowler for a batsman, especially if it is the great bowler Wasim Akram. The Indian cricket fraternity is in awe of Shubman Gill's consistent performances, with Akram also joining in praising the Indian opener. Though there are those who don't want Gill to be compared to Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar, Akram found similarities between Prince and God from a bowler's point of view.

In a chat on Sportskeeda, Akram (Wasim Akram on Shubman Gill) said that the bowlers who are currently bowling to Gill will feel the same as they did while bowling to Tendulkar during his active days. Akram feels that Gill will not only be the superstar of Indian cricket in the coming days but will rule cricket all over the world.

"When I bowl to a player like Gill, even in the T20 format, it feels like I am bowling to Sachin Tendulkar in the first 10 overs in ODI cricket, when only two fielders were allowed (outside the 30-yard circle)," Akram said.

"If I had to bowl to Jayasuriya or Kaluvitarna, I knew I had a chance, I could get them out because they hit every ball but, players like Sachin and Gill, they play proper cricket shots. I think he is kind," said a player who can score runs consistently in all three formats. He is the future superstar of world cricket.

Having made a lasting impression in the shortest format of the game for the Gujarat Titans in IPL 2023, Gill will need to quickly focus on Test cricket in the World Test Championship final (Shubman Gill in WTC 2023 vs Australia) against Australia. With the dismissal of KL Rahul (KL Rahul), Gill is set to open with captain Rohit Sharma. The Oval conditions, however, will be difficult for the batsman. It's all about how quickly he adapts.