Serhiy Rebrov confirmed that he should soon become the new head coach of the national team of Ukraine.

The specialist told about this Ukrainian on the air of the program "Breakfast with 1+1".

He noted that together with his coaching staff, he has already begun preparing for the June matches of the national team in the qualifiers for the 2024 European Championship.

"Now we are solving this issue, because the contract with Al-Ain runs until June 30. Therefore, we have not finished all the issues with the contract yet. But really, tomorrow I'm going to Kyiv and probably on the 6th, in the morning, I'll be in the capital of Ukraine. I believe and hope that we will finish all things with Al-Ain. So yes, if everything goes well, I hope we sign a contract.

The national team of Ukraine is a very big responsibility, so indeed, I started working with my staff and for several weeks now we have been preparing for these games (Euro 2024 qualification – approx.), because it is very important for our country. Especially at this time for the national team to represent our great state. I've been preparing for a while now. We have already agreed on everything in principle. Only the permission of Al-Ain, and nothing needs to be discussed," Rebrov said.

It should be noted that today, June 3, Rebrov celebrates his 49th anniversary.

"First of all, I want to thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our defenders, I wish them a speedy return to their families and the expulsion of this bastard from our land. As for birthday greetings, I believe that now it is very important to end this war with victory. It is very important that our soldiers return to their families and celebrate with them. As Myron Bogdanovich (Markevych – approx.) says: "Yes, that's it." The holiday is when the war ends, then we will celebrate all our affairs," Rebrov added.

At the end of May, Rebrov announced his withdrawal from Al-Ain. He has worked with the Emirates club since the summer of 2021. Last season, under his leadership, the team won the championship and won the UAE League Cup, and finished the current campaign in second place in the local championship.

The national team of Ukraine will start its training camp on June 8 in Bremen, where on June 12 they will hold a friendly with Germany.

After that, the "blue-yellows" in the framework of the qualifiers for the continental championship will play North Macedonia (June 16) and Malta (June 19) in Skopje and Slovakian Trnava respectively.

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