Former India opener Aakash Chopra has raised questions about Rahul Gandhi

Special things

  • Rahul Gandhi made the remarks in the US
  • Fans gave mixed reactions
  • Chopra played straight with the bat!
New Delhi:

A few days ago, while the atmosphere in the political corridors has not yet calmed down after former Congressman Rahul Gandhi criticized India, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the US, former cricketers have also joined in. Generally, former cricketers also stay far away from political comments. Especially such cricketers, who are currently playing the role of commentators, but Aakash Chopra has now tweeted opening his mouth on this. And when Chopra commented on this political issue, fans have also reacted to it. Ever since the videos of Rahul Gandhi's words on American soil have surfaced, this issue has been a topic of discussion in all forums including the media. But this is an exceptional situation when a former cricketer has questioned Rahul's words.

I'm yet to see an opposition leader from another country coming to India and painting a sorry image of his country. Why do you need to articulate that on foreign land unless you're seeking some sorta support??? Fight your battles in your own country... Allow the electorate to...

— Aakash Chopra (@cricketaakash) June 2, 2023

Aakash Chopra tweeted, "I still have to see a leader of an opposition party from another country who comes to India and presents a negative image of his country. Unless you are seeking such support, why do you do such things on foreign soil? You fight your battle in your own country. Let the voters make this decision. Isn't this the essence of democracy?" While fans made mixed comments, some Congress broke down on Chopra, whose bouncers were played directly by Akash with the bat. KRK also stuck the leg

Abey Fool, Lukkhe Rahul
Gandhi is talking about a politician not the country. And no politician is equal to India. Stop this nonsense.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) June 2, 2023

You see this

Akash Jhopda wants to be BCCI secretary

— . (@AamirsABD) June 2, 2023

There are supporters too.

Well said

— Amit Gupta (@Planet9x) June 2, 2023

This brought the issue of fan wrestlers in the middle

This is the sky. Have you spoken on the #WrestlersProtest yet? You're a sportsman but look more interested in political commentary.

— Rahul Tahiliani (@Rahultahiliani9) June 2, 2023

This party worker seems irritated

He has made himself a cricket expert by playing 9 Test matches. Now he is preparing well to become a propaganda expert.

Next Akash will share fake news and edited videos sent by Gobi ji's team

— Armaan (@Mehboobp1) June 2, 2023