Chennai Super Kings vs Gujarat Titans, Final: Symbolic picture of IPL

Special things

  • If the final is washed out by rain, who will win?
  • Can the Super Over be used in the final?
  • If there is no play at all in the final, which team will win?
New Delhi:

Seeing the rain on Friday, the fear of millions of fans proved to be perfect on Sunday. The ipl 2023 match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings (GT vs CSK) will be played on Sunday. Now this match will be played on the scheduled reserve day today. However, the Meteorological Department has predicted rain in Ahmedabad today. After the postponement of the final, many questions are now going on in the minds of the fans. For example, if the rain comes again, who will win the title, etc... First. In such a situation, we have once again brought detailed information for you. You know through these 5 points what will happen under the rule if it rains in the final or if the match is completely washed away by rain, then which rule will be used. And which team will capture the IPL 2023 trophy?


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* If the final is washed away by rain today, who will win: There are many options under this and you can read them in turn.

1. If the final match is washed out due to rain in the scheduled time on the reserve day, then there is an option of 120 minutes extra time.

2. If it rains, the final match can start at a maximum of 9:35 pm on the same day without cutting the overs. If the match starts at this time, there will be no cut in overs. But after this deadline is exceeded, the cuts in overs will start.

3. If the situation is such that at least a five-over match can be held due to rain, then the match will start at 11:56 minutes. And the umpires will have to finish the match by 12:50 minutes. The last time limit to start a five-over match is 12:06 minutes.

* Can the Super Over be used in the final?

4. If the situation remains such that even a five-over match cannot be held even in extra time on the reserve day i.e. Monday, then the winning team will be decided through a super-over if the situation allows. This means that the pitch and ground should be ready by 1:20 pm to play the Super Over.

* If there was no play at all in the final, which team would win?

5. If the conditions in the final do not allow a Super Over, or the Super Over is not possible due to any interruption, then after the end of the seventy matches, the team that tops the points table will be declared the winner. Then it doesn't matter what the result is in the play-off matches or the final.

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