The match of the 29th round of the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL) between Shakhtar and Dnipro-1 ended in a massive brawl with the participation of players from both teams.

In the time compensated for the second half, the players of the Donetsk and Dnipro clubs did not restrain their emotions and staged a large-scale massacre right on the football field.

Players from the bench and representatives of both clubs took part in the clash. In the course went punches and kicks, as well as choking techniques. Shakhtar defender Yaroslav Rakitskiy had an eyebrow broken to blood.

Shakhtar defender Yaroslav Rakitskiy had his eyebrow broken to blood / screenshot

Video of a mass brawl in the match "Shakhtar" – "Dnipro-1"

Brawl at the end of Shakhtar's league match #Football #UPL #Moments

— TV channel Setanta Sports Ukraine (@SetantaUkraine) May 28, 2023

The main referee of the match, Kateryna Monzul, showed 5 red cards for unsportsmanlike behavior. Among those involved in the game at that time, Egor Nazaryna and Anatoliy Trubin were withdrawn from Shakhtar, and Brazilian Peglow were withdrawn from Dnipro-1.

Since the Pitmen had no substitutions left, Rakitsky became the goal frame for the last seconds of the match.

Yaroslav Rakitskyi as goalkeeper After two red cards from Shakhtar, the player had to take the place of the goalkeeper

#Football #UPL #Moments

— TV channel Setanta Sports Ukraine (@SetantaUkraine) May 28, 2023

The match ended in a crushing 3-0 victory for Shakhtar. Thus, the Donetsk club for one round before the finish of the season became the champion of Ukraine in football.