The scandalous incident occurred after the Roland Garros 2023 first round match between Ukrainian Marta Kostyuk and world number two, Belarusian Arina Sobolenko.

The match ended in defeat of the Ukrainian tennis player with a score of 3:6, 2:6.

After the match, Kostyuk shook the referee's hand on the tower, but refused to give a hand to the Belarusian.

Because of this, the French public in the stands decided to boo the Ukrainian. Sobolenko, at first, thought that the whistle was sounding against her and began to bow defiantly.

Aryna Sabalenka taking a bow.

Marta Kostyuk is being booed after the match for not shaking hands.

There’s a lot happening at Roland Garros right now.

— The Tennis Letter (@TheTennisLetter) May 28, 2023

It should be noted that it is not the first time that Marta has not shaken hands with her rivals from Russia and Belarus, thus demonstrating her principled attitude to the aggressor countries.

Before the start at Roland Garros-2023, Kostyuk commented on her attitude towards athletes from Russia and Belarus, explaining why she does not respect them.

"For me, this story is not about emotions, because hate is an emotion, and this is a story about respect. First of all, I can't feel respect for her choice to continue traveling to Russia, training there, talking to the Russian press. Do not take the family out of the aggressor countries, having sufficient financial resources for this step. I wouldn't be able to come to terms with myself when my country does this, and I stay where people around me just continue to live their lives, relax, have fun as before.

Secondly, for me personally, tennis was not only about my own development, money, comfort, helping my family, etc. The main thing is the opportunity to change something, change for the better. Sobolenko after this tournament can become the first number in such a popular sport. Having such a large audience, such influence in the world, it is giving it up. What message does it bring to the world?

We are talking about people being killed, and we hear in response that sport should be left out of politics. But when war comes to your house, she doesn't choose whether you're an athlete or not. It's not politics, it's not about elections, it's not about laws or anything. War is war, and we all know how Russia and Belarus are fighting against Ukraine, how civilians are shot, civilians are captured, things are stolen from homes, children are raped, they are taken out of Ukraine. This is genocide of the Ukrainian people, this is not politics. We are not at the kindergarten level here when someone says that they love or hate someone. I simply cannot respect this position when it comes to events that radically change the world, such as war.

In general, I will say this: I have no hatred towards any of the players from the aggressor countries. I just don't respect them. For me, to be honest, it makes no difference when someone hates me there or loves me or something, because these are emotions. It is important for me when I am respected, because respect is not an emotion," Kostyuk said in an interview with

In addition to Marta, five more Ukrainian women will perform in the main draw of the French Open — Elina Svitolina, Anhelina Kalinina, Lesia Tsurenko, Kateryna Baindl and Dayana Yastremska, who overcame qualification.

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