Sachin and Gill's picture goes viral

Shubman Gill with Sachin Tendulkar: In Qualifier 2, Shubman Gill scored 129 runs to take Gujarat to the final. This is Gill's third century in the IPL. On the basis of Gill's innings, Gujarat scored 233 runs while playing first, after which Mohit Sharma took 5 wickets and turned the tide of the match upside down. Mumbai lost the match by 62 runs. On the one hand, where Gill's century and Mohit Sharma's 5 wickets forced the fans to jump, on the other hand, seeing Shubman Gill batting with Sachin Tendulkar has not been able to satisfy the fans. The picture of Sachin and Gill is becoming very viral on social media. In the picture that is viral, Gill is seen taking advice from cricket's God Sachin. It seems that Sachin is giving tips to the new Prince of world cricket about his batting.

Shubman Gill with Sachin Tendulkar.

— Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) May 26, 2023

Sachin Tendulkar to Shubham Gill- Sara to ready hai tu bata vedia to ready or not

😂😂😂Gill be like-

I am 🧐😂👁 ready

— Harsh Agarwal (@Harshit04882281) May 26, 2023

Shubman Gill with Sachin Tendulkar.
Best picture on internet today ❤️

— Shubman Gang (@ShubmanGang) May 26, 2023

Shubman Gill with Sachin Tendulkar.

— Rajveer Thakur (@Rajveer12790506) May 27, 2023

Mohit Sharma joins hands after bowling Surya, this ball turned the whole match, video