Questions raised about Gaikwad's catch

IPL 2023: Ruturaj Gaikwad caught an amazing catch of Vijay Shankar during the match, which is now being discussed. Actually, Gaikwad had dived in order to take the catch, looking at the catch, at a glance it seemed that the ball was not touching the ground. This was the reason why the on-field umpire thought it appropriate to go to the third umpire for this decision. At the same time, the third umpire, after watching from every angle in the TV replay, justified the catch and instructed Shankar to go to the pavilion. At the same time, the fans of Gujarat have termed this decision wrong. Fans are raising questions about Gaikwad's catch.

In a pressure match, MS Dhoni won the hearts of fans after seeing what CSK player misfielded.

Greatest feilder of all time RUTURAJ GAIKWAD what a catch

— Into The Finals 🥳 (@WhyyySoMuch) May 23, 2023

What a crazy catch by Ruturaj Gaikwad.

— Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) May 23, 2023

However, batsman Vijay Shankar did not give any reaction to this catch. As soon as Gaikwad grabbed the catch, Vijay was seen walking towards the pavilion with a heavy heart. Vijay did not have any conversation with the umpire about the catch. But fans of Gujarat are tweeting different types of tweets about the umpire.

1) New debuet player for GT today.
2)Player is not allowed to bowl who sitting for 9mins. But pathirana bowled after lengthy discussion with umpires.
3)No zoom in check catch for Gaikwad
4)no slow overrate for CSK 5) Qualifier 1 in Chennai
vs GT#MSDhoni😭

— Rajveer Thakur (@Rajveer12790506) May 24, 2023

- Dropped fluke catch of Ruturaj
- Got dhoni out early
- Gill playing with sr of nearly 100
- Hardik throwing his wicket
- Vijay Shankar catch touched ground

Don't tell me this match is not

— Sharp (@Sharp__14) May 23, 2023

— Raju88 (@Raju88784482906) May 23, 2023

Was Vijay Shankar out? For me he was not! What do you say?

🇮🇳 — Devotees of Indian/ Indian Bhakta Bharatiya🇮🇳 (@TweetIndia5) May 24, 2023

Even though Gujarat fans are not happy with Gaikwad's catch, this catch turned the match upside down. Because Vijay Shankar and Rashid Khan were batting fast at one time. It seemed that Gujarat could take the match to the last ball, but on the crucial occasion, Matisha Pathirana turned the match around by catching Vijay Shankar at the hands of Rituraj. Shankar scored 10 runs off 14 balls.

At the same time, this catch of Rituraj surprised everyone. While Rituraj scored 60 runs on a difficult pitch, on the other hand, he played an important role in helping CSK win by taking such an amazing catch. Rituraj was awarded the Player of the Match title for his brilliant game.

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