Brad Hogg gets angry

IPL 2023 Dhoni: CSK defeated Gujarat Titans by 15 runs in the first qualifier match to make it to the final. While Dhoni's captaincy was the subject of discussion in this match, there was also an incident during the match that surprised everyone. Actually, after the 15th over of Gujarat's innings, Dhoni wanted to bowl to his bowler Matisha Pathirana. But the umpire refused to bowl to Pathirana. In such a situation, Mahi wanted to know the reason from the umpire, then the umpire told that Pathirana had gone out of the field for some time. In such a situation, they will have to spend the same amount of time on the field first.

After this, Dhoni kept talking to the umpire about this for 4 minutes and kept the umpire engaged in things. When the deadline was over, Dhoni asked bowler Pathirana to bowl. When this conversation was taking place, the umpires were talking to Dhoni without any seriousness. It seemed that the umpires were also part of this strategy. Mahi cleverly made the umpire a victim of his strategy. This cleverness of Dhoni has not been liked by the Australian former veteran. Hogg has reprimanded the umpire and tweeted his opinion.

Dhoni using his presence to full effect, luring the umpires into a 4 minute discussion causing time to run out for Pathirana to bowl after an extended break off the field. Umpires laughing over the incident rather than taking control of the situation is not good enough. #CSKvsGT

— Brad Hogg (@Brad_Hogg) May 24, 2023

The former cricketer tweeted and wrote, "Dhoni, making full use of his presence, kept the umpires busy for 4 minutes, giving Pathirana, who was away from the field for a long break, time to bowl... Instead of controlling the situation, it was not good for the umpires to laugh at this incident.

By the way, big veterans have not yet given any opinion about this, but this incident is being discussed a lot on social media. Talking about the match, CSK will now play the IPL final on May 28.

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