[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] In G4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, James Harden scored 45 points today despite the downturn in the previous two games, leading the Seven Sixers to defeat the Celtics in the playoffs and equalize the series. The head coach Doc Rivers revealed that he had sent a message to the main player before the game.

Harden scored 45 points in the first game of the series to help the Sixers get away with the loss of Joel Embiid. Unexpectedly, in the next two games, they crashed. The rate is less than 20%.

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If the 76ers want to advance to the Eastern Conference finals, Harden's performance is definitely the key. He really jumped out to play the savior again. He first scored a tie in regular time, and then made a fatal three-pointer in the overtime, leading the team to 1. The score difference narrowly beat the Celtics.

Sixers coach Rivers revealed at the post-game press conference that he had given Harden a song before the game called "You Know My Name."

"I received a message from Doc on the way to the stadium," Harden then explained with a smile. The head coach sent a gospel song. Although it was 7 minutes long, he still listened to it. "I thought to myself : "Well, maybe this song will bring good luck, or this is how he feels now, then I want to feel the same way.", I guess it seems to have achieved the effect."

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