Nutbal (right) is expected to face off with Shohei Otani (left) tomorrow in a samurai showdown.


[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Angel Otani Shohei took a break today, but the team beat the Cardinals 5:1, and Otani Shohei will start tomorrow, and is expected to stage a samurai showdown with Cardinals Japanese player Lars Nootbaar.

Angel Ward (Taylor Ward) bombarded the Cardinals Matz (Steven Matz) with a three-pointer in the first inning, scoring 4 points in a single inning, and the Cardinals only relied on catcher Andrew Knizner (Andrew Knizner)'s ground ball to get out of the game. The Angels' first left-hander Patrick Sandoval scored the first point, but it was also the only point. The Angels immediately relied on rookie Zach Neto's hit in the second half of the inning. With 1 point, they successfully defeated the Cardinals 5:1 at the end and received 2 consecutive victories.

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Taylor Ward and the @Angels put up a 4-spot in the first.

— MLB (@MLB) May 3, 2023

The Cardinals Nutbal served as a 9-bat right fielder today, 2 hits and no hits, 1 walk to base, 1 strikeout, and his batting average dropped to 231.

Shohei Otani will start on the board tomorrow. Today he did not start or play on the field. This is the second rest this season after playing 18 consecutive games. And because the Angels did not play yesterday, Shohei Otani got a rare 2 consecutive rests, but today Before the game, Shohei Otani practiced shooting 38 shots in the bullpen.

Nutbal is expected to face off against Shohei Otani tomorrow. The two also had a conversation before the game today. It was the first time they met after winning the World Baseball Classic in one and a half months.

Talking about the upcoming confrontation between the two, Nutbal said with enthusiasm: "It must be a very pleasant matchup, and I am looking forward to it. But I don't want to face him all the time, because his ball is very strong."

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