The Celtics lost their first game in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

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[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] In the first game of the second round of the NBA playoffs, the Celtics shot 58.7% from the field, but in the end they lost 115 to 119 at home to the team without the main player Joel Embiid. Seventy-sixers, the series is behind 0 to 1.

Well-known football commentator Charles Barkley (Charles Barkley) believed that the Celtics team had only 10 fouls, obviously lacking defensive strength, and bluntly said that the Celtics did not respect their opponents.

Seven Sixers star James Harden scored 45 points tying his playoff career high, including a key lead three-pointer, helping the Seven Sixers reverse and win.

He said after the game, "We didn't expect to lose this game. We came here to win. Regardless of whether Embiid returns to the team, we are ready."

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According to ESPN Stats & Info, the Celtics shot 58.7 percent from the field and committed only 10 fouls throughout the game.

During the regular season and playoffs, after entering the shot clock era (since 1954-55), a team with at least 55 percent team field goal percentage and 10 or fewer team fouls is In this case, the team was previously 23 wins and 0 losses.

But the Celtics lost.

Barkley pointed out on the TNT program "Inside the NBA" today that the Celtics had only 10 fouls in the entire game and their shooting percentage was (nearly) 60%. Win, but if you only get 10 fouls a game, you're not defending at all.", "You have to respect your opponent."

Sixers Harden.


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