Liang Jiarong.

(Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

[Reporter Xu Zhengyang/Taoyuan Report] Lotte Taoyuan made a player change today. The third baseman Liang Jiarong injured his right oblique abdominal muscle and went to the second army. Feng Jianting filled the vacancy in the first army. Good day.

Zeng Haoju pointed out that Liang Jiarong's injured part was the right side of the abdomen. If it was a strain, he might have to rest for 1 to 2 months or even longer, but the guards reported that there was no strain but only tightness and inflammation. Army, wait 10 days before making an assessment.”

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Liang Jiarong said that the day before yesterday, Tianmu hit Wei Quanlong for the first time in the 2 innings. He suddenly felt discomfort in the right side of his abdomen when he hit the first ball. Because someone on the third base wanted to seize the opportunity, and it was difficult to replace the 2 strikes. There were hits and RBIs, and he retired after hitting base and replaced Guo Yanwen with a run.

Liang Jiarong pointed out that this is the first time he has suffered an injury to the oblique abdominal muscle since he played baseball. This part even affects breathing and coughing. There is a strange and indescribable pain. "Just getting up is like a salted fish. You have to turn over first. , push yourself up again.”

Liang Jiarong heard from hitting coach Zhong Chengyou that he had been out for 3 months because of a strained oblique abdominal muscle. He hoped that he was just suffering from inflammation. I can lie down there."

Liang Jiarong injured his oblique abdominal muscle and left the second army, and his famous brand was also removed from the list of the first army.

(Photo by reporter Xu Zhengyang)

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