Mike Trout goes yard for the second time today. pic.twitter.com/6BQefkKb1a

— MLB (@MLB) April 30, 2023

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report] Shohei Otani, the star of the Angels' two-sword shooting game, paid 3 safety rewards today. "God Trout" Trout (Mike Trout) had a double-gun performance, but the Angels still couldn't win the ball and lost 5:7 in the final game For the Brewers, they suffered a 2-game losing streak.

Shohei Otani (middle) paid 3 An Meng as a reward today, and Chu Aote (left) had a double-cannon performance.

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The 5 points scored by the Angels today were all contributed by Trout. He knocked out a high-flying sacrifice hit on the 5th to help the team break the ball. 2 shots in the center and field, 9 on the 9th Trout made another contribution, and this time he also hit 2 points in the center and field. The 7th shot of this season was released. The sufferer was Bryse Wilson. Trout had 4 shots and 3 A lot of rewards, including hitting 2 home runs and scoring 5 RBIs alone, showing super crazy firepower, but unfortunately the team still lost.

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Shohei Otani also hit very hot today. He hit 3 hits with 5 at-bats in the game. It was the second time this season that he hit hits for 4 consecutive games. After the bases, Otani showed his destructive power between bases. He stole the second base and then the third base. He ran 2 times in a single inning and successfully stole the bases. This season has accumulated 5 steals.

Otani Shohei steals the base.


Angels starting pitcher Reid Detmers pitched 4.1 innings, allowed 7 runs (4 ERAs), and swallowed the second loss of the season; Brewers Cy Young ace Corbin Burnes surrendered 6 innings and lost 1 A high-quality starter, won the third win of the season.

Mike Trout mashes a homer in Milwaukee. pic.twitter.com/C7Eck7kOJe

— MLB (@MLB) April 30, 2023

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