Tai Ziying defeated the world's top two Akane Yamaguchi (second from right) and An Seying (left) in the Asian Championships, and won a women's singles gold medal full of gold.

(courtesy of Badminton Photo)

[Reporter Lin Yuefu/Comprehensive Report] Taiwan’s sister Tai Ziying defeated the world’s second-ranked South Korean player An Seying at 21:10 and 21:14 in the women’s singles gold medal match at the Asian Badminton Championships yesterday, following her dominance in 2017 and 2018 , the winning rate in the final of the Asian Championships is still 100%, which proves that she is still strong, and she will not slack off in the future, and will continue to sprint for the Paris Olympic competition points.

Tai Tzu Ying won the Asian Championships gold medal for the third time in her career.

(courtesy of Badminton Photo)

Continuing to score Olympic points in Paris

The 28-year-old Tai Ziying is already a veteran among the women's singles players from various countries. She has to spend more time recovering after each game, and is always looking for ways to improve and try to maintain her competitiveness. This year's Asian Championships chose to take the initiative , because she understands that only by not letting her hands control the rhythm can she reduce her physical burden.

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Lianke 3 young players

Tai Ziying was at the peak of physical fitness at the Asian Championships 5 years ago. She won all 5 games in straight sets and completed 2 consecutive victories in a row. But now facing the impact of young players, she still found a way to break through. From 8 The 26-year-old He Bingjiao from China and the 25-year-old Japanese star Akane Yamaguchi defeated the 21-year-old An Xiying yesterday. The road is equally difficult, and this gold medal is full of gold.

Coach Lai Jiancheng said that it is really not easy to win this gold medal. Now the young players are very strong. Even if they succeed in winning the gold this time, they still need to continue to improve to meet the most important Paris Olympic points competition.

Ranked No. 3 in the world

Tai Ziying has made continuous efforts to improve and has achieved results. After Ye Zhaoying of China, Wang Yihan of China and Wang Chen of Hong Kong, she is the fourth player in the history of the competition to win at least 3 gold medals in the women's singles of the Asian Championships. Among them, Ye Zhaoying's 5 gold medals is the most in history.

In addition, Tai Tzu Ying's gold medal will earn 12,000 championship points, and the latest world ranking will rise to No. 3.

After being sealed in her favorite city, Dubai, Tai Tzu Ying enjoyed the trip very much. Next, she will return to Taiwan to continue her hard training. The next stop will be the Sudirman Cup, which will be held in Suzhou, China on May 14, which is also the first stage of the Paris Olympics. A points race.